Boring Machine

Climax boring machines support boring diameters from 1.375 to 80 inches (35 to 2030 mm), with the precision and speed of stationary machines. Specially designed mounting brackets, spherical bearings, self-centring setup cones and movable rotational drive and feed units simplify setup and allow the toots to work in spaces too tight for most boring machines. All models feature rugged rotational drive and axial feed systems, precision bars and heavy duty bearings, with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic options available. They can share the same mounting system with AutoBore Welding Systems for single setup machining and welding.

Welding Machine

Our automated welding systems are designed to attach directly to several of Climax’ boring machine mounting fixtures, allowing a single setup for both welding and machining operations.

These automated welders offer high quality, affordable welding performance for bore, flange and valve repair.

Flange Faces

With various models to reface, mill, bevel, square, counter bore, or cut end prep configurations for welding. Climax offers a wide variety of rugged and innovative portable flange facers, for 1 to 120 inch (25 to 3050 mm) diameters, for ID or OD mounting, and several of our machines can be configured for facing, milling, or both!

For easy setup, smaller units use an integral mandrel to quickly lock into place, while the larger units can be installed with a separate mount or chuck to which the facer body is installed.

Climax circular mills deliver fast, versatile machining to meet demanding wind tower specifications for connection flanges…

Milling Machine

Wherever equipment repair applications involve milling critical mounting surfaces. Climax has a precision machine that can be perfectly configured to fit. Our largest mill, the LM6200 features the ability to configure for linear and gantry milling, with up to 48 inches (2183.6mm) of x-axis travel and 34 inches (863.6mm) of y-axis travel.

Key Mills

For about the same cost as machining a keyway off-site, you can purchase a Climax Key Mill. These two-axis and three-axis mills cut keyways, slots, pockets, or flats on shaft diameters of 1.5 to 24 inches (38 to 610 mm). They can be operated in any position, thanks to their sealed gear box lubrication.