Contacting Radar Level Gauge and Vibration Detectors


The KRG-10 measures liquid level by transmitting low energy radar pulses towarda liquid surface and receiving the radar echoes.The travel time for the radar pulse is proportional to the distance between the gauge and the surface.


The Vibration Switch is a safety device, which quickly detects abnormalities in mechanical equipment in order to help prevent breakdown.Detectors used with the Vibration Switch are installed directly on the pump, motor and fan of the piece of equipment to be monitored in order to detect abnormal vibration due to a mechanical failure of these units in terms of acceleration.Generally, if a breakdown occurs in mechanical equipment driven by an electric motor or internal combustion engine, such phenomena as temperature rise, increased noise and excessive current will occur. In addition, “Abnormal Vibration” always occurs along with these phenomena. This abnormal vibration consists of 2 elements; abnormal frequency (number of vibrations per second) and abnormal amplitude. Consequently, when safeguarding a piece of equipment by the method of detecting abnormal vibration, it is not sufficient to detect only one of these elements. For example, if the amplitude of the vibration is measured using an amplitude meter, it will not be possible to detect a frequency abnormality. Also an abnormal amplitude resulting from eccentricity of a piece of rotating machinery will not show up in the vibration frequency. A Vibration Switch detector detects abnormal vibration by means of acceleration, which is common to both amplitude and frequency.

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