The H&S Tool spit frame machine design is a unique com-bination of accuracy, strength end ease of handing. Our engineers have gathered information from field- operators around the world to determine the areas needing improvement over traditional designs. Our engineering minimizes weight while maximizing strength and rigidity with a quality aluminum body. The patent protected pocketstyle motor mount eliminates motor twisting and ring gear damage. The mount also allows you to switch between the pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors without the need for conversion pieces. Conventional motors ore also used on the front drive adapters eliminating the need for secondary motors.


The new lineup of Speed Facers includes four machines capable of machining from 0 – 70.5 inches (0 – 1790.7 mm). The 1.35 hp pneumatic motor, with optimized drive reduction, provides more power and speed resulting in higher metal removal rates. The auto-feed system, bearing guards, and E-stop keeps operators hands safe from rotating and moving parts as well as pinch points. The customized setup fingers and leveling feet allow the operator to easily setup up the machine, going from crate to cut in less than 15 minutes.


Choose from four models to perform accu¬rate flange reconditioning from 0.75 – 16.25 inches (19.1 – 412.8 mm). Surface finishes can be adjusted between 63 and 250 RMS for the model BF and between 63 and 500 RMS for the MSF MTF and MFTF.

H&S ID Machine

H&S Tool offers 12 models of portable I.D. mount tube and pipe cutting and machining tools for fabrication shop and on-site field use. Each model has a large working range with the power and accuracy to meet budget and schedule demands.

Our competitive advantage comes from engineering design knowhow, applications experience, product quality and performance, customer relationships, and end-to-end solution capability.