We deal in all types of Pigs ranging from 4″ to 56″

Foam Pigs

Foam pigs are a versatile type of pipeline cleaning device. They are used for drying, cleaning, batching, and product removal operations. industries utilizing foam pigs are the oil and gas, municipality, food and beverage, mining, chemical and petrochemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Because they are lightweight and flexible, foam pigs are able to negotiate uncommon piping, fittings, and valves ,AL Natheel can fulfill any requirement for foam pigs from our trusted affiliate world class manufacturers within exceptional delivery time.

Bare Foam Pigs

Plastic Bristle Foam Pigs

Brush Foam Pigs

Coated Foam Pigs

Foam Spheres

Foam Disc Pigs

Solid CAST Pigs

Solid-cast pigs, which have the flexibility and easy handling of foam pigs,coupled with the ruggedness and excellent sealing capabilities of cups and discs found on steel pigs, prove very efficient as general purpose pigs for batching, displacement, and routine pigging operations. With the addition of brushes, they can also be used for cleaning application.

Solid-Cast Utility Pigs

Solid Cast Spheres


Mandrel Pigs

Options are available, such as adding or substituting a cup or disc, special lengths and diameters, gauging plates, articulated joints, transmitter cavities, and magnet packs.

Bidirectional Cleaning Tools Can be Fitted with pipe Gage plates

Heavy Brush Cleaning Tools


Pigging Equipment

Pigging equipment includes items such as closures, pig detectors, and pig tracking systems.

Quick Closures

Pig Trackers & Pingers

Pig Detectors

Permanent & Temporary Launchers & Receivers

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