Self-Priming Duplex SS Centrifugal Pumps and Hammer check Valves

YOKOTA range of pumps

have outstanding self-priming performance even under extreme conditions. Standard centrifugal pumps have no self-priming capability and are incapable of pumping when water flow is discontinued in the suction pipe. The oval shaped self-priming pump has weak self-priming force at locations where back pressure is present, and the higher the pump head, the harder to self-prime the water.

The YOKOTA Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump has the same pumping capability for high head pumping as other centrifugal pumps, however its self-priming force is extremely strong at 500-700mmHg, which enables the pump to be used even under extreme conditions.

YOKOTA Non-Water Hammer Check Valve

High performance check valve that safely and economically eliminates the danger of water hammer which is a major problem in pumping and water supply equipment. Mining of underground resources such as coal, from hundreds of meters underground involved contending with a large amount of water. If a pump stopped operating due to a power failure, intense water hammer would occur causing an accident that could lead to pipe ruptures, pump damage, and even put the lives of workers in danger.

The YOKOTA Non-Water Hammer Check Valve clearly solved this problem. Since then, the valve has been widely adopted in many public facilities such as water supply pumping plants, pumping stations, supply pipelines, agricultural irrigation, and sewage systems, with maximum bore reaching 1350mm. With buildings being built higher and various types of equipment requiring higher pressure, a solution to the water hammer problem has become increasingly important, and we have developed a good reputation through our many achievements in this field. Also, many of our clean-finished Non-Water Hammer Check Valves for ultra-pure water are used in the semiconductor industry.

Seawater Resistant Stainless Steel

Surprisingly high corrosion resistance to seawater and hot springs
Metal corrosion by seawater is a serious problem, and countermeasures have been sought by related industries for years. To solve this problem, YOKOTA has developed the material YST130N based on our many achievements and experience in this area.
YST130N has excellent seawater resistance, and also excellent corrosion resistance to corrosive hot water at geothermal generation plants and hot springs among others.

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