TOKYO KEIKI, the world’s first supplier of ultrasonic flowmeters and industry pioneer is proud to introduce the clamp-on flowmeters of next generation which are environmentally friendly and provide the consistent reliability and “Made in Japan” quality that customers have come to expect from the TOKYO KEIKI brand.


The new UFW-100 Series ultrasonic flowmeter boasts a smaller, more compact footprint & size and lower power consumption in a material-saving, RoHS compliant design.


The Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20, based on the same, ergonomically advanced design so popular in the UFP-10, features significant size reduction. The result is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter that meets next-generation standards.
The UFP-20’s single-handed portability means difficult and challenging jobs located in narrow or high places can now be performed safely and easily.


The UFL-30 boasts +/- 1% high accuracy readings in a compact configuration, half the size of our former model.
TOKYO KEIKI was the first company in the world to develop an ultrasonic flowmeter for general industry in 1963. In 2008, we completed development of a highly reliable ultrasonic flowmeter – the “UFL-30 Series” – using our wealth of accumulated know-how and the latest in hardware technology.

The UFL-30 features clamp-on mounting which enables non-intrusive, no pressure loss installation on existing or new pipes. Ultrasound technology enables measurement of a variety of fluids regardless of electro-conductance.

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